Why you need BIM

Building Information Modeling will be key in future planning of infrastructure and living environments around the world. In a growing number of countries and cities BIM is mandatory for infrastructure projects, governmental tenders and the development of larger buildings.

Building Information Modeling represents the digitalization and process optimization of the real estate industry. Digital models have become the main driving force behind innovation and performance in the construction industry, urban planning and regional development.

In Dubai for example, BIM is mandatory for all larger projects. In the UK the government demands BIM for all its tenders. Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Italy, Germany, Scandinavian countries, and many more, have announced BIM regulations for 2019 and 2020.

BIM is not just a "drawing". BIM is an information model, that is enriched during the whole process, by all stakeholders. For example: by environmental studies, legal information, licenses from local government, etc. BIM can be used from the first sketch, to the handover, when the model holds all information for maintenance. Not just the construction, but also all details on mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering. Our viewer can, of course, show every detail.

This new collaborative working method for all stakeholders reduces mistakes. Some say that for this reason, costs could go down by 20%. Dynamically-updated information will pay a key role in interfacing between digital technologies, the various professional fields, built works and usage of data to improve operational efficiency and delivery of new services.

Start your BIM project right here!

A lot of BIM modeling work is outsourced to countries in Asia. Your contracting partner might be a company in the UK, Germany, Italy, or The Netherlands, but most of the work is probably not done by them. So why not use our capacity directly? We offer you the same professional online Project Management Tool.

The process is simple.
  1. Gather all information necessary to make a succesful (CAD/Revit/Archicad) project possible. We help you with the steps necessary. See below.
  2. If you think you have all information complete, ask for an account in our Project Management Tool.
  3. Upload all input files and click on "Input complete".
  4. We will check, give you feedback and an indication of the price (like: 350 - 430 euro).
  5. If you agree, sign the contract we sent you.
  6. Project will be delivered in the Project Management Tool: you can check and accept, or ask for revision(s).

If the revisions are due to modeling mistakes on our side, there will of course not be any fee.
If the revision is caused by wrong input, there may be additional costs. Small changes can be free of charge.

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